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La Croce was bought in 1987 and hadn't been lived in for the previous thirty years. It was barely standing. It's reconstruction is ongoing but almost complete. Since becoming part of the Casentino National Park regulations are strict and all materials have to be in harmony with the area itself. This also means that nothing new or monstrous can be built as far as the eye can see.
When Luca started building up the property he had many clear ideas and visions about turning La Croce into an unspoilt and undisturbed haven for bird and wild life, encouraging still more the preservation and growth of indigenous trees and plants.
It remains that to today, and has also become an ideal place for groups of people to investigate, enquire, learn, listen and enjoy all there is to offer here.
Luca sadly passed away in 2001.
La Croce is still a family home where we live all year round.
We are vegetarian and try in all ways possible to protect and preserve the land and the environment around us as best we can. This makes for a simple but truely wholesome experience for all those who come to stay.